Southern Lovin Barbecue Tour 2016
Written By Martin

Join us on our Southern Lovin’ BBQ Tour 2016! We’ll be eating our way across the Southern US of A in just a few weeks time and you can follow along. What’s the next best thing to escaping a cold and wet winter for a meaty, smokey summer BBQ adventure? Well, seeing pictures and hearing all about, of course! 

So the Red Gum BBQ Crew (aka, Mr & Mrs. Pitmaster and Pitmaster Jnrs.) are off to the states to visit family, friends and of course, hit up some BBQ joints. We are to do a whirl wind tour of Northern Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

 What I am most interested in is more than BBQ but also southern cooking in general. I hope to get some more family recipes, get info from about their favourite southern recipes, speak to chefs and cooks and of course learn from some awesome Pitmasters.

 I am off to work with Harrison Sapp, Pitmaster and owner of Southern Soul BBQ on Saint Simons Island in Georgia. This place what southern-style BBQ is all about! Named Best BBQ by Travel Magazine, Best Ribs by Southern Living Magazine and the rest. They have been kind enough to invite me along to hang out for a week and I’m just a little bit excited about this opportunity. I will be posting pictures and blogging so you can keep up to date with my BBQ adventure.

I will be coming home with some killer new recipes, techniques and knowledge that I will be showcasing at a one off event, Marty’s BBQ Return to Oz – tickets will be available soon.

Martin (Pitmaster and Southern cooking lover)