Filling our Bucket
Written By Katrina Barrionuevo

Life is busy. And sometimes you’re so lost in the doing that you don’t take the time to stop and look around and be grateful for what you have, for what you’ve accomplished and for how you can share the figurative (or sometimes literal) wealth. 


And in the spirit of Thanksgiving – November is this opportunity for us. 


As a B Corp certified business, we are committed to putting purpose above profit and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical practices within the areas of environment, community, workers, customers and governance. 


Blah blah blah. Words. But what do they MEAN? 


Put simply, they mean we care. And that we pull this care into every single thing that we do. Our decisions are made with a foundation of ethics and purpose and we don’t do the thing that’s easy or cheap if it’s not also RIGHT. 


So what are we celebrating exactly? A few things. 


Firstly – We have just recertified as a B Corp business. At the start of October, we got the news we had been working toward for over a year – our B Corp certification has been renewed! The process has become increasingly rigorous (good) and difficult to achieve (good but hard) and we’re so thrilled to have crossed this threshold with a significant increase on our previous scores (which means we’re doing better in our work to do good!). We couldn’t be more happy and more proud to be an ongoing part of this impactful community and to continue to be the ONLY restaurant in Australia with the accreditation. C’mon folks – we want more people at the party!   


Secondly – In 2020 and again in 2022, Red Gum BBQ was recognised as a top-performing B Corp, and named Best for the World™ in the impact area of Community. Our B Corp scores in the area of Community put us in the top 5% of B Corps around the world for our work with the people around us, including charitable giving, investments in diversity, and supply chain management. This particular acknowledgement is super special because our community is so central to what we do. 


And how are we getting this party started? 


  1. This month we’ve kicked off our month of gratitude and celebration of all things impact with the next instalment (long overdue – thanks COVID) of our Doing Good Business forum and invited a few of our friends from Women in Business Mornington Peninsula to help us chat about all things business and sustainability with local leaders. 
  2. We’re officially launching Our Meaty Impact with the purposes of being more transparent, measurable and impactful in how we are educating and improving food systems and supporting and improving the experiences of vulnerable families in our community. 
  3. Raising $8k for the Fridge that Feeds initiative aimed at buying a much needed fridge for the the Westernport Support Centre (WPSC). The fridge will help them feed local community members in crisis. We’re doing this through donating $1 from every meat purchase across November to this fund. And from selling raffle tickets to an Ultimate Peninsula Experience including loads of awesome experiences donated by our friends. 
  4. Connecting with local community partners to fill a bucket with fun activities for local families in crisis through the WPSC.. This “bucket” of activities will be used to give families the experience of joy and time out of their regular life to enjoy a holiday activity that they would not otherwise be able to give their children. 


The timely finale will be our annual Thanksgiving lunch. Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude – a time to gather with friends and family to share food and loving thoughts. To reflect on all we’re thankful for and all we have to look forward to. 

On Saturday the 26th, we’ll open our main dining room to this very special lunch. We’ll enjoy music, a traditional feast, notes of gratitude and friendship. We hope you’ll join us. 

We look forward to connecting with you all – our extended community – in some of the ways of gratitude, celebration and giving back across this month. We are thankful for your continued support for allowing us to accomplish what we have thus far and to imagine a better collective future.  

Purchase raffle tickets for our Fridge that Feeds initiative. 

Read more about WPSC here: https://wportcomsupport.org.au/