Meat is our thing.

 What could compare to meating us at Red Gum BBQ? Well, only taking us with you, of course! If you can’t visit our Red Hill restaurant or prefer to enjoy our BBQ at your beach house, check out our Take Away in Red Hill or At Home Pit Stop in Seaford options for the perfect Red Gum BBQ on the move. Keep in mind, Red Hill provides a full restaurant experience, while Seaford is a convenient pit stop. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered with our two venue takeaway options.


take away

Did you want to eat BBQ in your underwear? Or with the grass beneath your feet? Then best you take it with you. While our restaurant is bustling, you can just grab your BBQ to go! Jump into the link below, let us know when you’ll be in and we’ll have your BBQ waiting for you.

REd gum bbq @ home

Did you know that you can have a BBQ feast delivered to your home, across most regions in Victoria?! Yep. Red Gum BBQ At Home dining boxes bring the authentic Southern experience into your kitchen and dining room. Our At Home range includes some house favourites or special event/holiday features. You’ll get vac sealed meats and sides delivered cold and ready to be simply heated and assembled. You’ll even get a toe tapping playlist to re-create the Red Gum BBQ vibes in your home!