Father’s Day – Re-Heat instructions


This may look simple but don’t underestimate our humble potato salad. Break it open, and pop it in your serving bowl and set aside until her time has come.



Once your feeling the heat:


MAC N’ CHEESE (V) Bake in oven – 15 minutes

Classic Southern-style, creamy mac n’ cheese.

Once the oven is at temp, pop your Mac n’ Cheese foil tray with lid on, into the oven. Simples. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Mix well when ready to serve to let the cheesy goodness spread.


SMOKED CHICKEN BREAST (GF) Boil – 12 minutes

Southern style smoked chicken with Alabama white sauce.

Once your pot is boiling, pop your bird bag directly into the water for 12 minutes. Remove from water and let rest before serving. Slice chicken to share and smother in Alabama White Sauce.


BBQ BEANS (GF, DF) Boil, Microwave or stick it in a Pan

A Southern staple, with Free-Range Pulled Pork and Haricot beans.

Pop the bag in your boiling pot for 5 mins or until heated through.

Or you could dump them in a microwave safe container and zap them for a few.

OR you could heat them for a few mins in a pan… the choice is yours!

Now, onto the rest of your meats. Remember – our meats are cooked low and slow – high heat and cool air being their archnemesis. So these get done last, just before sitting to eat and leave them in the bag until you’re ready to pop on plates. In our restaurant, brisket is the last item to go on any plate and is the first our servers encourage people to eat. Get stuck into your brisket warm.



12 hrs smoked free-range pork shoulder with RGB’s Carolina finishing sauce

Place the compostable vacuum sealed pork bag directly into the boiling water and let swim for 6 mins. Grab the bag gently with tongs, remove from the water and set aside to wait. Just before dining, cut, serve and enjoy.



12 hrs smoked brisket with Texas-style salt & pepper dry rub, and our Classic BBQ sauce

Let the beef brisket join his piggy friend in the pool! Place the compostable vacuum sealed bag directly into the boiling water, face down for 6 mins. Remove from the water, and empty the contents of the bag into a pan, turn on to medium heat and start slowly reducing sauce. Only reduce until slightly thick and the Brisket is nice and hot.


Last but not least:


Oven at 180 – 7 minutes or Microwave – 1 minute

Remove the brownie from its cardboard container and place on a baking tray for 7 minutes at 180oC. This super fudgy brownie needs to be lifted off and plated with a spatula (unless you want a super fudgy mess). Drizzle with room temp salted caramel sauce, and enjoy.

If you’ve got vanilla ice cream or thickened cream at home, your brownie would love to be joined by some OR – place your super fudgy brownie on a microwave safe plate and heat for 1 minute. Samesies as above.


If you’ve got any of the below extras, fit these in as they outline.



Boil – 4 mins or until hot, rest for 1 minute, bake for 5 minutes

6hr smoked St. Louis Style free-range pork loin ribs.

**add these into your process before the meats have gone into the pot.

Drop these babies into your boiling water before your other meats. Let them hang for 4 minutes. When you take them out, add your other meats.

Let the ribs rest for one minute in the vacuum seal bag and then remove from the bag, place on a baking paper lined tray, cover the ribs with RGB classic bbq sauce provided and bake for 4 minutes.



Beef brisket, jalapeño & cheddar cheese

– Boil – 9 minutes

**add these into your process before dropping your pork (and after boiling ribs if you’ve got these too!).

Place the compostable vacuum sealed bag directly into the boiling water and cook those sausages for 9 mins, remove from the water and set aside until serve. Enjoy your spicy sausages


SWEET CORNBREAD (V) Bake in oven – 10 minutes

Classic BBQ accompaniment – with honey butter

Remove cornbread from its cardboard tray home and give it a new home, on a baking tray, with its honey butter on top. (you can also pop into your zapping machine, aka: microwave, for 1 minute)