BBQ Starter Kit


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BBQ Starter Kit

Do you love low and slow BBQ and you’re getting ready to give it a go at home, but not sure where to start?

This Starter Kit is guaranteed put you on the track to BBQ greatness with these essential tools:

  • Red Gum BBQ Signature Rub Pack of 4
  • Red Gum BBQ Signature Sauce Pack of 4
  • InkBird Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer
  • Samba 200mm Safety Matches
  • Samba Disposable BBQ Gloves
  • Samba Flip Flame
  • Samba Natural Firelighters
  • Samba Fire Wool
  • Spritzer bottle

(over $175 worth of goodies!)

Of course, with this BBQ kit, you’ll need some expert instruction: Join us for a Red Gum BBQ Pitmaster Masterclass and you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time at all.

Other resources: Check out our Youtube channel for a range of instructional vids – step by step, tips and tricks and our Heat and Eat Instructions.